Our local Sky Watcher Steven Langmuir will give us a very interesting presentation on the aerospace company where he works – Sierra Space.They are famous for the Dream Chaser space vehicle among many other space projects.

Steven works for Sierra Space as a Principal Systems Integration Engineer. Sierra Space was formerly called Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC). He has been with them for about 6 years. His involvement with Sky Watchers opened his eyes to the possibility of working in the space industry. When SNC reached out to see if he was looking for a change, he left the Reed Group disability processing company and didn’t look back.

Using only publicly available sources, he plans to talk about the people and products of Sierra Space. He will touch upon their portfolio of cutting-edge projects – DreamChaser, Orbital Reef, LIFE, VEGGIE, Shooting Star, the VORTEX engine and so much more. Here’s the link to Sierra Space – https://www.sierraspace.com