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Basics of Astronomy

These links cover basic aspects of astronomy. We’ve included some interesting and entertaining sites that will feed your love for astronomy

Astronomy News

There are several online and traditional magazines that offer the latest news and other astronomy-related stories and observational guides.

  • Astronomy Magazine
  • Sky & Telescope
  • UniverseToday
  • Astronomy Now
  • Sky at Night Magazine
  • StarDate Online Magazine

Astronomy Equipment

Having good equipment is an important part of the experience of studying the stars or just skygazing.

  • link
  • link
  • link

Astronomy for Kids

Kids are naturally fascinated with stars, planets, the moon and spacey stuff in general. These links are a start at fun resources that help your child explore the night sky and space.

Becoming an Astronomer

If you’d like to take your interest in astronomy beyond a hobby, these links may show you what itakes to become a professional astronomer

  • Astronomer: Job info and career requirements
  • How to become and astronomer
  • NOAO – National Optical Astronomy Observatory
  • Ask an Astronomer

Astronomy Forums and Clubs

A collection of forums and clubs for astronomy lovers who wish to connect with like-minded souls.

  • Astronomy Connect
  • Amateur Astronomer’s Association
  • list of clubs in colorado

Astronomy on Facebook

Maybe you like to spend time on Facebook. If so, there are plenty of Facebook groups dedicated to astronomy and the night sky.

Future Concepts

Observatories and Space Telescopes

  • James Webb Space Telescope – NASA/ESA 2021 – Visible/NearIR
  • Hubble Space Telescope – NASA/ESA 1990 – Visible/Near IR
  • Chandra Space Telescope – NASA – 1999 – XRay
  • Spitzer Space Telescope – NASA – 2003 – IR
  • Herschel Space Telescope – ESA/NASA – Far IR
  • Planck Observatory – 2009 – Microwave
  • Kepler – NASA – 2009 – Visible (Planet Hunter)


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